Sunday, 7 April 2013

....How to Wear an "Anta" Scarf

Most ladies that live in Scotland probably have an item of clothing or home furnishing from Anta. The shop specialises in Scottish woven tweeds & uses the fabric in clothing, rugs, bags etc.

I happen to have a beautiful Anta tartan silk scarf so I'd thought I'd show you all the ways I like to wear it. It doesn't have to be an Anta scarf for these styles to work of course-just my chosen accessory for today's looks.

Here we go.....

1) "Little cravatte" is what I like to call this neck-tie

2) "Like a duchess" (similar to how the Duchess of Cambridge recently wore her Strathearn tartan scarf)

3) Hipster tie-side & front (makes bum look great and totally funky look)

4) Possibly a bit Scottish Widows advert?

So, which is your favourite scarf style? Mine has to be the hipster side tie as its so different and I never see anyone else wearing they're scarf in that style. Closely followed by little cravatte though.



Helen said...

I am ashamed to admit that I own nothing by Anta. Nothing at all! Although, not for the lack of coveting!

Interesting post. I really struggle with how to wear scarves, other than the standard looped round my neck look!

And I like your new "homepage" (if that's the right word)! Love the little pic at the top!

Unknown said...

Thanks H! Yes there are infinite ways with a scarf! Glad you like my new art work! Did it myself....can you tell,!? My funky little sis and her friend think its really cool so may stick with it and use it as my logo jx