Thursday 18 April 2013

....How to Wear a "Malcolm Mowat" Scarf

Following the success of my "How to..." series, I've linked up with Malcolm Mowat's to bring you round 2, "How to tie a Malcom Mowat Worsted Scarf...".  Through the powers of Twitter, I came across Malcolm Mowat's website and got in touch straight away because their spring scarves are just lovely. Kindly, Malcolm Mowat agreed for me to borrow the Fionn Spring Scarf so that I could bring you more fabulous ways to tie a scarf. There are two other scarves in the range as seen in the photo below.

Firstly a bit about the scarves....

Malcolm Mowat scarves are made from 100% pure worsted wool. If you didn't know, the wool has many great qualities such as fine, durable and lightweight.  Worsted wool is also a bit like leather in many respects because it becomes even softer with age. The scarves are priced at £35 which I think is excellent value for such high quality garments and for what would undoubtedly be an investment wardrobe piece.

Here we go again then.....

1. The "driving a classic car look" (with roof down of course!)

2. Reverse neck tie because its all about the BACK these days!


Isn't the highland cow label funky?
3. The bag accessory knot

Bag, Anya Hindmarch
4. The belt

Hope you like my new variations (and the scarf of course)? Which is your favourite this time? Mine is the belt - look much nicer than a leather belt and driving a classic car - obviously weather dependent  that one though!


NB Malcolm Mowat's scarves would look just as good on a man as they are very unisex in appeal. The website is pretty cool too with lots of amazing Scottish shots.


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The neck tie is quite funky

Helen said...

These are lovely! I like the classic car look!