Sunday, 31 March 2013

....By special delivery: Boutique by Jaeger

Can't believe I've only recently come across Boutique by Jaeger. Boutique is one of Jaeger's newer brands with appeal to a younger audience interested in fashionable separates for working girls.  According to the Jaeger website, Californian cool meets 70's chic in their playful SS13 collection.

I would certainly described this new Boutique top as playful. Pillar box red meets breton style incorporating Jaeger's signature colour palette of ivory & navy. Mixed it up with my own Kate Spade lime green bag & peep toes for extra clashiness!

Here's the complete look....

Top Jaeger Boutique, Flare jeans Zara, Handbag Kate Spade, Peep toes M&S


NB: And what did I put in the post box....a wish for more Jaeger Boutique clothes of course!

Friday, 29 March 2013

....Happy "Tartan Day" Scotland Festival

This post is about all things Scottish, especially the woven check kind, the type associated with clans and chiefs. Today, March 29th is the first day of the "Tartan Day" Scotland Festival (actual Tartan Day is 6th April, a celebration of the Declaration of Arbroath 1320). The festival is a celebration of all things Scottish, including tartan.

Since I married a Scot who has his own family tartan, I suddenly got a lot more interested in this woven fabric so I thought I'd take the opportunity to tell you about our family tartan in today's post.  I can proudly say that our family tartan is Ancient Keith (see my updated Blog wallpaper/Twitter background) for a sample. Its actually a really lovely tartan with sea-blues, greens and navy.  FSF had a pair of bespoke Ancient Keith tartan trews made specially for our wedding from Savile Row Tailor Dege & Skinner.

If you want to wear a tartan then there re are a few ground rules to be aware of. Strictly speaking if you are not Scottish and/or do not have a clan (hence tartan) then you should wear one of the universal tartans such as Royal Stewart or Black Watch. Other than that, you're pretty much good to go.

                  Tartan image: Stewart/Stuart, Royal #2
Royal Stewart
Tartan image: Black Watch
Black Watch

Enjoy the tartan my wee fashion beasties!!


NB: This is FSF in his Dege & Skinner Ancient Keith tartan trews, what lucky girl got to marry him I wonder???....

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

....Lucked out on lovely lingerie for my birthday!

Been debating whether to do this particular post but to hell with it, I'm going to do it, so here goes...

A few months ago, FSF (Fantastic Silver Fox for those new to my blog) sprung a v special surprise weekend at Gleneagles on me (without the 2xHeWawas). Hooray, what a lovely surprise but given we were going to such a glamourous place, my underwear department was in dire need of an overhaul.

That's when I stumbled across the most amazing lingerie boutique I've ever come across. Better than anything in London and that's saying something as I lived there nearly 10 years. That's where my odyssey began....

The Odyssey Boutique itself is in Edinburgh's West End Village. The owner Sarah knows what she's talking about, I know this as it's now my go-to place for really feminine, pretty but sexy underwear.  Her "edit" of underwear in stock is pretty damn good if you ask me. Her brands range from Fantasie right up to Stella McCartney. Sarah has a memory like a Grand Chess Master and she always remembers what I've tried before or it is the little black book she keeps of your size, styles you've tried etc (that's not weird by the way, its all about great service in my opinion).  Either way, I've never come away empty handed.  As well as the underwear, there is swimwear, nails, tanning and waxing. In fact, Odyssey made it into Harper's Bazaar A-list waxers!

You can understand my excitement then, when for my birthday last week I received this....

Simone Perele Olympe in Magnolia
(Surely I'm stating the obvious that there's NO new look post for this??? Me in my underwear on my blog...Never... HaHa!!!)

Thanks again FSF


NB: Thanks Sarah also!

Monday, 25 March 2013

....A Billowy Blouse?

And so to my latest dilemma. Fantastic silver fox (FSF) is taking me out for dinner to celebrate my birthday.  Like any BestDressedBabe, immediate thoughts turn to what-to-wear. If the weather was warm and spring-like, I've got numerous options but given the wintry blast, my options are somewhat limited. I think our dinner date is somewhere fairly nice, but hip enough that I can still wear my favourite dark skinnies. Just need a pretty long-sleeve billowy blouse to complete the look.

Back in Jan I saw the Ted Baker NITI safari print zebra blouse (£89). It's really pretty, sheer, with 3/4 sleeves but perhaps a bit summery given the current weather. Off I headed to Edinburgh's West End Village on Friday afternoon (cutting it a bit fine with dinner the same evening but I was on a mission).

First shop I dropped into was Sam Brown Boutique.  A small boutique with an array for floaty floral print tops. Lots of Great Plains & Avoca lining the rails. I explained my predicament to the owner. She immediately offered to go downstairs and dig-out an AW12 silk blouse from French Connection. It was one of those "I've got just the thing" sort of moments....and what a surprise this blouse turned out to be. I would never in a million years have picked this off the rail but somehow it just works. Best thing is the price, £150 reduced to £35. Not bad for pure silk & French Connection. Makes the Ted Baker blouse seem expensive at £89 given its polyester!

Here's the final look for our dinner date....

Blouse French Connection, Beanie Jigsaw, Jacket & Shoes Hobbs, Belt Boden, Handbag Prada

NB: Dinner date was to Purslane, Stockbridge. FSF heard about it on the grapevine. We had a sublime 3 course dinner, best I've had in ages. I choose a cauliflower panna cotta for started and sole for main. The sole looked so pretty-almost like white marshmallows on the plate. Really small an intimate. Definitely want to go back.

Friday, 15 March 2013

....In search of the perfect white tank

Been on the hunt for a white vest, the kind every woman needs in her wardrobe. My problem is this.  At 5"7 I don't have the longest legs in the world, but I do have a fairly long body. As a result most vest tops are either too short (finish way above the waist) or ride up. The other problem is that I'm looking for a nice clingy cotton mix that isn't like the usual cheap vest tops that you find in Topshop etc -you know the culprits-cotton so transparent there's no point wearing the vest or nasty ribbed fabric.

I was in high hopes when I stumbled across this £25 Whistles Ella Pima white vest. Looked perfect online but couldn't have been more disappointed when it arrived. Totally translucent, fabric so cheap that they can't possibly think people would pay £25!!! Shame on you whistles. Plus, it was miles too short in the length. What an insult and disappointment.

So my search continued.....

Then I remembered Jigsaw's modal lace trim vests. I own about 5 in various shades and length wise they are great. The only snag is the empire hemline line below the bust.  It's very visible when worn under tops-not a flattering look. At £24 though, they're certainly good value compared to the whistles version.

Search continued......

Then I found perfect vest in H&M for the princely sum of £5.99! I don't believe it. It's Pima cotton (95% organic/5% elastane) and a lovely quality, not see-through at all and a great length with plenty of spare material to stay in place and not shimmy up above the waistline.

Take a look....and then head to H&M

Vest H&M, Belt Joseph, Necklace Phase 8, Bag Kate Spade
Vest H&M, Top Zara

Vest H&M, Top Oasis

NB: Vest comes in a range of colours

Monday, 11 March 2013

....Some jewellery to squirrel away

Thanks to the powers of Twitter my attention has been drawn J&C Martin, a jewellery boutique based in Shepherds Market, Mayfair.

I thought I'd do some research as my first job in London was on Piccadilly and we used to go for after work drinks around Shepherds Market - loads of lovely boutiques round there. Makes me nostalgic.

Anyhow, some pieces of jewellery caught my eye in J&C Martin and I want to share them with you.

1. Aren't these the cutest earrings ever? Love that they are asymmetric too. They also remind me of THOSE oak leaf & acorn Robinson Pelham earrings that were given to Mrs C (NB the Duchess of Cambridge to those who haven't read my blog world) by her parents for her wedding day. A touch of royalty but not at right royal prices! £89

2. Got to have this heavy aqua-marine bangle, mostly because aqua marine is my gemstone but also because it is a great piece to wear everyday without looking too flash. £599

3. Great amethyst cocktail ring to make a statement.  I'm always a sucker for a pear-shaped gem stone as my engagement ring is a pear. £139.


NB: Extra brownie points because they stock Alex Monroe.

Thursday, 7 March 2013

....The Epitome of a designer boutique

After picturing my friend wearing her fabulous new Burberry coat, I promised myself to make a visit to the new designer boutique called Epitome where she brought it, on Dundas Street, Edinburgh.

I wasn't disappointed. I knew I would like this boutique as soon as I walked up the steps.

Epitome is how boutique shopping for designer clothes should be-as the name suggests. It's a beautiful, spacious shop with lovely large fitting rooms.

Accessories, including a lovely selection of Alex Monroe jewellery (I have a pair of his Goldcrest hoop earrings on my SS13 Wish List) are dotted in amongst the clothes, of which there is a lot of luxury, but very wearable, cashmere by Cameron Taylor. Great selection of jeans - Citizens of Humanity, Paul Smith, Seven for all Mankind to name a few. Lots of pretty Prada, Marc Jacobs, Burberry etc-frankly what's not to like about that!

I came away with a fab pair of Citizens of Humanity skinnies for £50 (sale) and was highly tempted by a v. cool Prada necklace.

I will certainly make this one of my new go-to fashion haunts in Edinburgh.


Tuesday, 5 March 2013

....Nosey Parka!

Now the weather is a bit more chirpy, its time to dig out my Parka. A good, stylish Parka is a wardrobe essential these days.  They seem to come in the shops year on year so its best to invest in a decent one.

I brought mine from Jigsaw a couple years ago for £159 but it still looks like new thanks to the olive metallic fabric.  Luckily for me the SS13 monochrome vibe going on means that the black and white stripy lining brings it bang up-to-date. Phew...


NB: Zara have a few nice Parka jackets in their coats department at the mo, as do Whistles with their Daryl Sporty Parka at £140.

NBB: There are even Parka's fit for princesses (and at princess prices) at Burberry. See this satin-twill packaway parka at Net-a-Porter for a cool £495.