Sunday, 24 February 2013

....Working it with denim, red & monochrome

Thanks to Elle Magazine for my latest inspiration. I brought this denim dress not long ago (big confession here....from a Boden party). Got it home and then had second thoughts, namely is it just too plain Jane.

Well, after reading the article about denim and red in March Elle it gave me an idea....

So you'll be pleased to know I've decided to keep my now not so plain Jane dress afterall.


NB: Working it with spotty monochrome tights, shoes Hobbs & Stila Lip Glaze in Holly

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

....Best Dressed Babe's LFW Cut for AW13

In a nutshell....

Zoe Jordan LFW AW13

She's my favourite designer at the mo, plus she opened LFW this week-how cool is that?

Collection in 3 words: Vivid, Alluring, Slouchy

Favourite piece: tangerine pencil skirt and white/silver corset top with space age neckline (18/30 in slideshow). Oh and the corsets with deep-v cut-outs.


He's the one everyone's been talking about.

Collection in 3 words:  Laboratory, Mysterious, Wings (bird wing-span to be exact)

Favourite piece: Floor length black coat with slash at front. Stunning. (30/30 in slideshow).

Marios Schwab

His cutting techniques are sublime. He is the master of creating the ultimate feminine silhouette in a dress.

Collection in 3 words: Seductive, Medieval, Smooth (velvet fabrics and seamless transitions between the skin and garments).

Favourite piece: its got to be the finale dress. Schwab at his best again. (34/34 in slideshow).

....Cream of the Crop

....crop trousers that is, and tartan ones at that. I was pleased to see that Laura Craik profiled these very same trousers in The Saturday Times Supplement a few weeks ago. I must have been onto a good thing .  I snapped mine up as soon as they appeared in Zara just before Christmas for £29.99.


NB It's Black Watch tartan for you tartan virgins out there.

Sunday, 17 February 2013

....Tulips in Spring

Look at my friend's gorgeous new tulip coat. It's made with a bronze metallic yarn. Such a simple shape but the fabric makes it super chic and takes it to another dimension.

PS My friend brought it from a new shop in Edinburgh called Epitome on Dundas St. Number one on my to-do list this week is to visit!!!


Tuesday, 12 February 2013

....How to Wear a Hermes Twilly

1. The classic neck twist...(possibly a bit airline!)

2. The wrist twist...

3. The jean twist...(my favourite)
4. The handbag twist...

Friday, 1 February 2013

....Perfect Maternity Tights

Not the sexiest item of fashion to talk about here but a necessary one for all those pregnant fashionistas out there (and Mrs C of course who may well be in search of some maternity tights as her bump grows). I'm not pregnant now but during both my pregnancies I was ever grateful to the shop assistant in Wolford who directed me to the best tights ever for pregnant tums.....WOLFORD FATAL 50.

They are not cheap at £23 a pair but they are worth every penny. They come in 4 colours, a whole host of sizes and are mid-opaque. They are super silky to touch and wash really well.  Best of all is the mesh at the top of the tights which creates a "no lines" appearance under clothing.

What can I say, Wolford thank you!


Ps The best tip was when the Wolford shop assistant told me to wear them back-to-front. The mesh panel is even wider at the back so gives even more support.

Pss Dont even think about hold-ups. Your skin is very sensitive during pregnancy and the rubber edging will probably bring you out in a rash.