Friday, 1 February 2013

....Perfect Maternity Tights

Not the sexiest item of fashion to talk about here but a necessary one for all those pregnant fashionistas out there (and Mrs C of course who may well be in search of some maternity tights as her bump grows). I'm not pregnant now but during both my pregnancies I was ever grateful to the shop assistant in Wolford who directed me to the best tights ever for pregnant tums.....WOLFORD FATAL 50.

They are not cheap at £23 a pair but they are worth every penny. They come in 4 colours, a whole host of sizes and are mid-opaque. They are super silky to touch and wash really well.  Best of all is the mesh at the top of the tights which creates a "no lines" appearance under clothing.

What can I say, Wolford thank you!


Ps The best tip was when the Wolford shop assistant told me to wear them back-to-front. The mesh panel is even wider at the back so gives even more support.

Pss Dont even think about hold-ups. Your skin is very sensitive during pregnancy and the rubber edging will probably bring you out in a rash.

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