Tuesday 29 January 2013

....Not so anthropological Anthropologie

Must let you know about something that happened recently when I visited my local Anthropologie shop.   I think Anthropologie is a great addition to our high streets-it offers the unusual and quirky, I particularly like the home furnishings section. The products definitely have an earthy/ethnic vibe.

However, I was shocked to find a pretty mint green bead necklace in the sale for approx £49.95. Shocked because this oh so worldly shop was selling a necklace that had literally been made for a couple of pence in Africa.

It just so happens that my sister brought me back from Uganda an identical necklace (apart from the colour of the beads). It cost her a few pence. The necklace is the outer one in the photo. She told me it was made by street ladies who make the beads by rolling up very fine strands of newspaper.  My sister brought the necklace directly from the street lady on her stall.

Just makes me think more carefully when I shop now - where do these beautiful things come and who made them?

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