Wednesday 20 February 2013

....Best Dressed Babe's LFW Cut for AW13

In a nutshell....

Zoe Jordan LFW AW13

She's my favourite designer at the mo, plus she opened LFW this week-how cool is that?

Collection in 3 words: Vivid, Alluring, Slouchy

Favourite piece: tangerine pencil skirt and white/silver corset top with space age neckline (18/30 in slideshow). Oh and the corsets with deep-v cut-outs.


He's the one everyone's been talking about.

Collection in 3 words:  Laboratory, Mysterious, Wings (bird wing-span to be exact)

Favourite piece: Floor length black coat with slash at front. Stunning. (30/30 in slideshow).

Marios Schwab

His cutting techniques are sublime. He is the master of creating the ultimate feminine silhouette in a dress.

Collection in 3 words: Seductive, Medieval, Smooth (velvet fabrics and seamless transitions between the skin and garments).

Favourite piece: its got to be the finale dress. Schwab at his best again. (34/34 in slideshow).

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