Saturday, 1 June 2013

....Perfect Pumps to Pound the Streets in!

Thanks to my lovely friend Jane for hinting* at me (*telling me) to get my arse in gear today at her birthday party by asking me what I did with the photos I took of her cool new pumps.....good question Jane.....still sat on my iphone.....that is until now.

So for the benefit of Jane and all the other ladies out there who like funky, flat, colourful pumps, here is my low down....

Jane's pair I that was coveting were a striking fuschia pink & silver combo from Fine Rogerson Footwear, Rose Street Edinburgh. (Jane did some major damage when she hit Rogerson's buying two other pairs also!!) She swears by the brand - Hispanitas - and they look so cool....

Thanks to a Twitter follow, I came across Tieks recently. These uber cool ballet pumps come folded-up and packed neatly into a cute turquoise box. I've never seen them in the UK so if anyone has a pair please give me a shout and let me know what they're like? They look lovely on the website. I'm loving the outragous neon orange ones!

A pump classic of choice for the Duchess of Cambridge is Pretty Ballerina. Like Tieks, they come in all colours and textures. I have an investment pair in black lace and I haven't regretted the hefty price tag I paid.

Finally Michael Kors do nice pumps (although confusingly called flats on their website). I have a lovely jewelled pair but they are on their last legs. Only because I have worn them so much though. So comfy and so cool at the same time. I've tried on the classic Fulton Moccasin in the new Multrees Walk shop in Edinburgh but alas they didn't have the comfort factor of my existing pair. Still nice though.


NB Jane was 40 today! Happy Birthday Hen. Gotcha!!  Great party my dear xx

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