Wednesday 15 May 2013

....Hungry Caterpillar Does Zara

In the light of the moon, a little egg lay on a leaf.

One Sunday morning the warm sun came up and pop! Out of the egg came a tiny, Zara loving caterpillar. She decided she needed a shopping spree!

On Monday she brought one china blue t-shirt...

On Tuesday she brought a white jacquared jacket...

On Wednesday she brought one pair of navy linen ankle length trousers...

On Thursday she brought a pair of pastel mint green stretch jeans...

On Friday she brought a multicoloured beaded clutch...

On Saturday she brought, one jungle print scarf, one don't forget to be awesome japanese style tee, one kids bow tie, anchor shirt and v-neck jumper.

That night she had to "fess" up to Hubby.

The next day was Sunday again. She returned one of the tops that didn't fit so well and felt much less guilty.

But she wasn't a rich Zara loving caterpillar anymore, no no, she was a broke caterpillar.

She kept the clothes unworn in her wardrobe for more than two weeks to think about them.  Then she  started to dress herself piece by piece, wiggled her way out of the house and....

She was a beautifully dressed butterfly.


ps Absolutely loving Zara this SS13. What are your Zara buys this SS13?

NB No caterpillars were hurt during the making of this story.


Helen said...

I love the Japanese style tee! That's a great summer top. Hope you kept that one!

The story made me chuckle! Hairy Maclary next?

Unknown said...

Yes I kept the Japanese tee-love it and the slogan. As for next story, contemplating Emperor's New Clothes! Jx

Unknown said...

The style is nice and love it so much!!!

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