Monday 6 May 2013

....This week Jo's Wearing Joseph

This post is really all thanks to Laura Craik at The Times Magazine as this week she was wearing Joseph.  Her article got me thinking. I was one of those aspiring Fashionista's in the 90's who also lusted after Joseph's perfect black bootcut trousers. As a teenager in the 90's, I didn't have the budget to buy them alas.

However, Joseph never dropped off my radar so when I had the wallet to match the price tags, I took the liberty of investing in a few of their classics.

I remember this outfit particularly. When I first saw it, it was displayed on the model in the Joseph shop window. I loved it just as it was and so went into the shop and brought exactly what I saw. In fact, the obi style belt had been so popular I ended up buying the one off the model in the window.

I haven't been able to wear the outfit for the past few years due to pregnancies but I'm glad I kept it. Feels good to be wearing it & Joseph again!


ps A sneak around the Joseph website and there are a couple similar style blouses this season. Try Crepe De Chine Clarence blouse at £255 with a similar Nehru neckline. The notes say "slouchy and loose, streamline the look with a pair of slick skinny trousers." Looks like my white bootcut trousers fitted round the leg fit the bill then? Good choice BestDressedBabe!

Joseph obi metallic belt & long Nehru blouse

Joseph long Nehru blouse with fine metallic stripe


Helen said...

Love the blouse and the belt, but white trousers would be an absolute disaster for me! I can't wear them for more than 5 mins before spilling something on myself!

you look great in them, though!

Unknown said...

Thanks H. They don't stay white for long in my house either! Jx