Wednesday 27 March 2013

....Lucked out on lovely lingerie for my birthday!

Been debating whether to do this particular post but to hell with it, I'm going to do it, so here goes...

A few months ago, FSF (Fantastic Silver Fox for those new to my blog) sprung a v special surprise weekend at Gleneagles on me (without the 2xHeWawas). Hooray, what a lovely surprise but given we were going to such a glamourous place, my underwear department was in dire need of an overhaul.

That's when I stumbled across the most amazing lingerie boutique I've ever come across. Better than anything in London and that's saying something as I lived there nearly 10 years. That's where my odyssey began....

The Odyssey Boutique itself is in Edinburgh's West End Village. The owner Sarah knows what she's talking about, I know this as it's now my go-to place for really feminine, pretty but sexy underwear.  Her "edit" of underwear in stock is pretty damn good if you ask me. Her brands range from Fantasie right up to Stella McCartney. Sarah has a memory like a Grand Chess Master and she always remembers what I've tried before or it is the little black book she keeps of your size, styles you've tried etc (that's not weird by the way, its all about great service in my opinion).  Either way, I've never come away empty handed.  As well as the underwear, there is swimwear, nails, tanning and waxing. In fact, Odyssey made it into Harper's Bazaar A-list waxers!

You can understand my excitement then, when for my birthday last week I received this....

Simone Perele Olympe in Magnolia
(Surely I'm stating the obvious that there's NO new look post for this??? Me in my underwear on my blog...Never... HaHa!!!)

Thanks again FSF


NB: Thanks Sarah also!

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