Friday, 29 March 2013

....Happy "Tartan Day" Scotland Festival

This post is about all things Scottish, especially the woven check kind, the type associated with clans and chiefs. Today, March 29th is the first day of the "Tartan Day" Scotland Festival (actual Tartan Day is 6th April, a celebration of the Declaration of Arbroath 1320). The festival is a celebration of all things Scottish, including tartan.

Since I married a Scot who has his own family tartan, I suddenly got a lot more interested in this woven fabric so I thought I'd take the opportunity to tell you about our family tartan in today's post.  I can proudly say that our family tartan is Ancient Keith (see my updated Blog wallpaper/Twitter background) for a sample. Its actually a really lovely tartan with sea-blues, greens and navy.  FSF had a pair of bespoke Ancient Keith tartan trews made specially for our wedding from Savile Row Tailor Dege & Skinner.

If you want to wear a tartan then there re are a few ground rules to be aware of. Strictly speaking if you are not Scottish and/or do not have a clan (hence tartan) then you should wear one of the universal tartans such as Royal Stewart or Black Watch. Other than that, you're pretty much good to go.

                  Tartan image: Stewart/Stuart, Royal #2
Royal Stewart
Tartan image: Black Watch
Black Watch

Enjoy the tartan my wee fashion beasties!!


NB: This is FSF in his Dege & Skinner Ancient Keith tartan trews, what lucky girl got to marry him I wonder???....

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