Thursday, 7 March 2013

....The Epitome of a designer boutique

After picturing my friend wearing her fabulous new Burberry coat, I promised myself to make a visit to the new designer boutique called Epitome where she brought it, on Dundas Street, Edinburgh.

I wasn't disappointed. I knew I would like this boutique as soon as I walked up the steps.

Epitome is how boutique shopping for designer clothes should be-as the name suggests. It's a beautiful, spacious shop with lovely large fitting rooms.

Accessories, including a lovely selection of Alex Monroe jewellery (I have a pair of his Goldcrest hoop earrings on my SS13 Wish List) are dotted in amongst the clothes, of which there is a lot of luxury, but very wearable, cashmere by Cameron Taylor. Great selection of jeans - Citizens of Humanity, Paul Smith, Seven for all Mankind to name a few. Lots of pretty Prada, Marc Jacobs, Burberry etc-frankly what's not to like about that!

I came away with a fab pair of Citizens of Humanity skinnies for £50 (sale) and was highly tempted by a v. cool Prada necklace.

I will certainly make this one of my new go-to fashion haunts in Edinburgh.


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Helen said...

Yay it works! :)

Didn't know about this new shop. Will need to take a look next time I'm in town! Purely for inspirational purposes, of course!